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Founded in 1949, Asahi Engineering Co., Ltd. Is specializing in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Sanitary system design and installation.

The company's mission is to make people's lives more pleasant and contribute to society as a whole by creating comfortable environments.

Building upon a solid theoretical foundation in thermal dynamics, fluid dynamics and electronics, Asahi Engineering uses leading-edge technology to design and construct HVAC systems that meet a broad spectrum of requirements.

Asahi Engineering is continuing its construction efforts in various fields to play a part in conserving the global environment and addressing other social issues.


Corporate Profile

Head office 1-55-17, Arata, Kagoshima, Japan, 890-0054
Stated Capital 50 million yen (as of March 31, 2015)
Date of Establishment June 1, 1949
ISO ISO 9001 , Certified No. RQ0752
Date of Registration : July 1, 2000
Scope of Accrediation : 28 (construction) 34 (engineering services)
Registered Scope of Supply :Design , Engineering and Installation of Air Conditioning & Plumbing System and Waterworks
Representative Koji Kawabata, President
Sales Items
Facilities Construction Business
  HVAC & Plumbing for Buildings Business
    HVAC System, Water Supply and Drainaged Plumbing, Disaster Prevention Systems, District Heating & Cooling Plant, Sustainable and Renewable Energy System and Related Facilities
  Industrial HVAC Business
    Industrial HVAC Systems, Manufacturing Facilities for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Food Products, Environmental Control, Freezing & Refrigeration
  Electrical Control Systems Business
    Electrical Systems, Telecommunications, Electrical Systems and Civil Engineering
  Smart Building Solutions Business
    Central Monitoring and Automated Control Systems, ICT Systems, BEMS and HEMS Systems, Security System
  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Machinery Systems
    Biomass Energy Systems, PV Solar SystemsRenewable Energy System and Related Facilities

Environmental Systems Business
    Water Supply / Sewage Treatment Facilities, General and Industrial Waste Treatment and Recycling Systems, Environmental Facilities for Industries, Plant Facilities for the Various Industries